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The Best Ways to Apply for Strip Club Job

There are many strip clubs and even more dancers. The best clubs can take their pick. However, there are a number of ways to get yourself ahead of the competition in your application to get a strip club job.

The best way to contact strip clubs

Life is often about who you know and not what you know and gentlemen’s clubs are no different. Having a contact already associated with the club you wish to work in is the easiest and most painless way to acquire a place. This can be through an agent or a friend. The contact does not have to be a dancer. Knowing someone in management, security or a member of service staff is better than being a total stranger. This is why it is important to remain courteous and professional at all times, no matter where you are working. You never know when the bar tender in your first ever club could be the manager of an exclusive and in demand venue a few years later.

Never burn bridges and try to leave anywhere on a positive note. Even if you really don’t like a club. Be kind to everyone on your way up because you never know who you may meet on your way down. Networking, speaking to other dancers and being a great example can take you far if you want to get a strip club job.

In addition to above, it is also important to remember that people talk. The industry is quite closed and many staff move from club to club. Getting a reputation for being a troublemaker, a heavy drinker, being aggressive or acting disrespectfully can very quickly lose you opportunities so be mindful of your behaviour and you won’t go wrong.

That club could still be an option for you

Although it is true that the easiest and most effective way to apply is through a contact. However, that doesn’t discount more traditional application processes. We live in a very connected world in general and, therefore, it is smart to utilise Google, Facebook and Instagram. Most businesses nowadays have an online presence. Websites will normally provide email addresses or have contact forms specifically related to recruitment. Furthermore social media like Facebook and Instagram can be a great tool to give direct access to club management.

If you are within reachable distance of the club you have in mind, it can be a smart idea to go visit the venue directly. Well presented, of course. It shows that you are taking things seriously and allows the club to get a well rounded view of how you present yourself as a stripper.

If you need to apply remotely, there are a number of important things to bear in mind when contacting clubs…