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Stripper shares the dark side

Today's story is about Jenny, a striptease dancer who is seeking help in her impulsive habit of...manipulating and seducing men.

The dark side of erotic dancing work

Jenny started to work as stripper at the age of 18, because she desperately needed the money to move out from her parents, who were alcoholics. They would often call their friends over and drink for almost two days in a row and abuse her... so it's kind of understandable that she wanted to move out as soon as she could.

They would get drunk and make fun of me for being skinny. They would say nobody will ever love me... But when I turned 18, I started to work as an erotic dancer.

I was fascinated by the atmosphere, the music, the beauty of the girls and how they were seducing men... One look at the right customer and he was stuffing their bra with money. I thought: I want to be exactly like these woman: beautiful, sensual and loved by everyone.

I loved that men were looking at me like I'm the most beautiful girl in the world

I loved and still love that feeling when men look at me like I'm Miss Universe... :) But now, I think I have a problem. When you become a stripper you learn how to manipulate men and since I've learned this 6 years ago, it became my lifestyle and it seems that I have perfectioned it too well.

As an striptease dancing girl, I have this habit of seducing men. I mean, we are seducing men into putting money in our bra. Despite my erotic job, many men want to date me - I go on many dates, but just to get what I can from then and then I dump them.

I would like to have a meaningful relationship, but I don't trust men. They all want to get you into bed and than go to another woman.

What's the therapists opinion?

Therapists say that most of the girls having adult jobs had a hard childhood and all they need is an adult responsible male who doesn't focus on their sexuality, but rather on her personality - someone who would accept and love them unconditionally. Emotional scars can heal - you are not condemned to be alone for the rest of your life, just because you don't trust people.

Talking to a professional therapist might help you, but remember - people grow when they are loved well, so try to be a little more open to new relationships, don't be afraid to get intimate with people. Trust is built and earned, never given.