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The ABC's of striptease jobs

Striptease dancing jobs in our own living rooms

Striptease dancing jobs are one of the most popular erotic jobs these days in London and all over the world. Stripping has found it's way into local excercise studios and even into our homes. But why did stripping became so popular in the United Kingdom and worldwide?

The answer is very simple: Because stripping is sexy.

Having a striptease dancing job is considered cool

It shouldn't be that surprising. Although strip clubs haven't been around for centuries, today we can find all forms of exotic dancing in all major cities like London, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Ireland and everywhere we go. Let's face it: when done well, stripping is extremely provocative.

The truth is, we all can learn a lot from the girls who work as striptease dancers, and probably the most important lesson is self-confidence.

Every man and women likes a partner who feels good in their own skin and doesn't afraid to show it. We all want that sexual power that goes along with being a striptease dancer so if you think you can't do it, well... Think again. Here are the basic ABC's of stripping:

A is for attitude

A women who works as a stripper feels sexy, and everyone feels her energy. This feeling will always translate to whoever is watching, so don't be afraid to try it in front of the mirror if you are a shy girl, and when you're ready, knock your partners socks off by taking your clothes off for him. The key is your attitude - you need to do it like you mean it!

B is for body

One of the biggest issues women confront with is that they don't feel comfortable in their body. Don't ever think that striptease dancer doesn't have flaws, they just know that's really not as important as their attitude. Another thing is that many women are afraid that their body is not enough for their partner.. Which is really silly, because being with you demonstrates that your partner considers you extremely attractive and would be more than happy to see you shake it like those who work as strippers for a living.

This part is totally optional and up to you. Everyone had at least once fantasies of how would it be to have striptease dancing job and wear a sexy costume, like being a nurse, maid...  The internet offers a lot of options, so if you feel like going to a sex shop is too much, just order online.

A lot of famous women got into the business

There are well known names who got into the business of helping average women to bring sexiness into their own bedrooms. They consider that this is great way to exercise not only the body, but also the brain. Stripping for your partner is teasing and offering a promise of what would come.